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Christmas in Buff Bay, 1918


The Parish Church, Buff Bay, Portland.

Daily Gleaner, January 3, 1919 page 13



                           How the Local Community

                           And Livers in the Districts

Spent Festive Season.




                           Christmas Day Heralded in

                            With Music and Services

In The Churches.

(From our Correspondent).

Buff Bay. Dec. 28. - The Christmas season for 1918 has come and gone and was celebrated in and around Buff Bay far beyond the expectations of this community. First because the war is over, second because the “flu” is gone, third there is market­ing facilities for all our produce and among other things ‘old sol’ shone in this festival season as he is accustomed to do in the bright summer months.

The Xmas season begins here on the 24th of December each year, for on that day large numbers of people from the various country districts gather in the town during the day to do marketing and get up their supplies. On the same day and evening the towns’ folk generally do theirs, and in consequence there is a real reunion of the town and country cousins then. And so it was in this Xmas Eve, when hundreds of people were seen enjoying themselves in their own way, either blowing fee-fees, firing squibs or purchasing supp­lies.

The shops and stores though de­void of their usual Christmas decorations and perhaps the unavoidable absence of Santa Claus, offered other attractions and have done their part well when existing conditions are considered. Another item for the evening was the impersonating of the ‘horse head.’ This drew the attention of a good portion of the com­munity. A little while after the crowd began to disperse, but ere they had gone far, they were recalled by the sounds of music and singing, and reminded that Christmas had usher­ed in. The leading figures in this item were members of the Salvation Army. Many others took part and with much life and jubilation


during the early hours of Christmas morn. Soon after the completion of this feature, Divine Services were held in the Parish Church, the Wes­Ieyan and Baptist. In each church the attendance was fairly large, and appropriate discourses were given by the respective pastors. There was also a celebration of the Holy Communion in the Parish Church after the morning service.

    Immediately after the services were over there was the giving of the Parish donation to the poor people. Besides the registered paupers many other poor ones were partakers. The gift consisted of 1lb bread, 1Ib beef, 1lb sugar, and 1Ib split peas, and its distribution was left in the hands of Mr. Willie Russel, who from year to year has been managing that post with satisfaction. When it is considered of the many homes or indivi­duals (in times like these) where gloom and despondency have over-shadowed, that were made brighter by the donors, then, with the highest compliment to them, there must be the reflection. Truly “he that giveth unto the poor lendeth unto the Lord.”

   In the evening there was the re-­appearance of the “horse head” and music to suit the performances. This again brought large numbers of people   together, who apparently enjoyed themselves to the full, yet in quite an orderly manner. On Thursday the 26th. inst. the masquerading parties put in their appearance and added much life to the enjoyment of those who were interested in that direction. In the afternoon the gates of Buff Bay Garden Fair were open­ed. The discourse of fine music was heard and before twilight nearly all the standing room on the fine schoolyard lawn was occupied. As the evening grew older the gathering increased. The stall holders and managers of the other attractions did a brisk trade. This being the only public function in the town and its pathway paved with ideal weather, the result could not be less than anticipated - success and huge success. Indeed that portion of the public who were patrons were well enter­tained, and the promoters must be congratulated on the success achieved by them in this direction.

The very enjoyable function was brought to a close at 11 p.m.





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