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Enjoy some samples of "Christmas Past" in Jamaica

Read accounts of Christmas in Jamaica in the last two centuries.

See what has changed and what hasn't.

Experience the happiness,

and sometimes the unhappiness,

of those long ago days. 

 Kingston 1870                           Mandeville 1884


Kingston 1881                            Port Maria 1884


 Kingston 1882                             Buff Bay 1918


                                             Kingston 1885


                                    Kingston 1915


for more background information on Jamaican Christmases click on the link below:

Xmas 04 - extras

Your Comments
I have already received a number of messages of appreciation
for this site - see some below. This is most encouraging and
makes the work involved really worthwhile.
Joy Lumsden
What a delightful idea and it made fascinating reading..and
listening.  Especially from several thousand miles and many
degrees in temperature away!  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I only intended to make a cursory visit to your website, but
once I got on, I was intrigued.  The language in the excerpts
was vivid and colourful and I was transported back in time.  
Every now and then we need to be reminded of our history
and I am so grateful for the experience.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
First, I think the site is an outstanding way of documenting
our past and sharing it.  I will check it out and share it. but
kudos for organizing this information.  It is a jewel. 
 Story-telling is such an important part of our learning
experience and here you have provided us (J'cans and our
offspring around the world) with an opportunity to revisit
our history.
I am particularly intrigued with the language that was used. 
Reminds me of the way I remember my father writing letters. 
This is much appreciated.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you so very much for a truly wonderful gift! What an
original idea and how pleasant it is to traverse these
Jamaican Christmases Past. It is an example to all of us
the cultural enjoyment that historical research can bring.
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Red Set Girls and Jack in the Green, 1837








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                                                                     Jaw-Bone  or House John Canoe, 1837.

Xmas '04

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